Brothers of the Sacred Heart 200th Anniversary Celebration

Dear Members of our Extended Family,

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart around the globe are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of our Institute in Lyon, France with a virtual celebration on Thursday evening, September 30, 2021. We hope you and your family, as important members of our extended family, can join us for the festivities!

The Bicentennial Party will kick-off around dinner time (Central Time) with a prayer, a brief welcome, and of course, lots of good food and drink – all in your home!!

  • Good Food: Everyone who chooses to participate will receive a Bicentennial Cookbook containing recipes of delicious French dishes created by chef alums of the Brothers’ schools in the U.S., England and the Philippines! A YouTube video of each chef alum preparing his/her recipe will be posted to help you learn the techniques to transfer the recipe into an epicurean delight. It’ll be up to you to pick which delicacies you wish to prepare in your home. (Links to access the chef’s videos will be forwarded to you closer to the date of the event.)
  • More Good Food: Participants are invited to select from three different sized cheese boards options consisting of carefully selected imported French cheeses that will be described that evening by a professional “Cheesemonger,” a connoisseur of fine cheese. Each commemorative cheese board will be laser-etched with a replica of a mission cross implanted by Fr. Coindre, our founder, at the end of each of his missions and with the official Bicentennial logo.
  • Good Drink: Participants can also choose to make a donation for a bottle or two (or 12) of our special wine that has been grown and harvested near Lyon and distributed for this event with our own commemorative label. An expert with 35 years of fine wine experience will also be with us to describe the special vintage we will be enjoying that evening.

To participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event, please select your wine and cheese items by clicking on the icons below. Your donation will be accepted after you have made all of your selections. Bicentennial cookbooks will be sent complimentarily to all participants.

We look forward to having you join in our virtual celebration as we toast and thank the Lord for our first 200 years, and as we look forward with hope-filled anticipation to what God has in store for the next 200!

(To ensure that we can import and distribute these unique items for our celebration, we respectfully ask that you place all cheese orders by Friday, July 16, 2021 and requests for wine by Friday August 27, 2021.)

In His Heart,

Brother Ronald Hingle, S.C., Provincial

Imported French Cheese Packages

Imported French Wine w/ Brothers’ Private Label

Dipping Oil

Additional Commemorative Chopping Boards

* No Refunds or Cancellations after July 16